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Hiset Test Information

There is a new acronym in the Adult Education world...HiSET!  Acronyms are wonderful, but only if people know what they stand for.  Well here we go.  Most everyone knows what it means when someone says they graduated with his or her GED.  Now people can become just as graduated by taking and passing the HiSET exam.  Since this past January (2014), Tennessee began offering a second option for the adult student wishing to become a high school graduate:  an ETS written test called the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET).  Now that we all know what the HiSET is, and we have no need to fear it or avoid it, let me get into the specifics of this test.  It is not, I repeat, not really any different from the old GED(R) test.  The test is made up of five individual subject tests:  science, social studies, reading, writing, and math.  Each individual test is completely multiple-choice, except for the essay portion of the writing.  Calculators are allowed and provided for the math test.  The fee for the entire five-subject test is $75, but there is the opportunity for you to get 67% of that paid by us once you enroll and complete all the initial assessments.  The test is available in both paper and computer-based depending on you typing skills and your comfort level around computers. You are still required by the state to take an official practice test prior to registering.  In reality, after explaining all about the HiSET test, to you the student, there is nothing that really changed except you now have the chance to take a different test other than the old, well-known GED (R) test.  Come on in and once you are with us, we will walk side-by-side with you from that day forward all the way to the graduation ceremony.